Our Story

Djam's Cakes

It started with Djamilah (Djam for short) being out of job.  After 27 years in the Private Banking industry, Djam decided to divorced herself from the only job she ever knew.  She was burned out from stress and the long hours.  A decision she made with no regrets.

 Equipped with her trusted rolling pin, Djam left Singapore for Selangor, Malaysia to start life afresh.

 Growing up, Djam watched her mom baked and cooked every day.  But just watching was not an option.  She reluctantly had to help her mom with mostly baking especially during the festivities.  Djam had beaten 25 egg whites often enough using the vintage manual egg beater and while she swore she will never beat another egg white again, she discovered her hidden passion.  Djam used to bake just for her colleagues and so it was not surprising her thoughts gravitated towards her creative side.  She took baking classes and workshops in Paris, London, Dubai and also classes in Singapore and Malaysia.

Back in the day at the office, Djam  always remembers an occasion or always know when someone needs cheering up or got promoted or someone to thank but unfortunately most days, she’s too busy to bake.  Did you know that giving someone a baked gift is a great way to show that you care. Therefore Djam was constantly using the services of a bakery to send something nice no matter what the occasion. 

Djamscakes was created just for that in mind.  Sometimes you just want to send a box of something delectable to let someone you know you’re thinking of them.  You don’t always need to have an occasion to send someone something nice.  And along with the box of yummy goodness, a card to express your feelings and to stay connected.  Djam is passionate about sending cakes, brownies and little notes.  She especially knows what it feels like to be the recipient.  It made her day.  Nothing like knowing someone cares or thinking of you.

 So this Webstore was created for us to express what we feel in the most convenient way.  Go on, make someone’s heart glow today.  Let us help you express your feelings to strengthen your relationship or to just stay connected.  And Djamscakes will do the rest.